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Serving The Investor

Strong relationships with our investors
Underpinning the growth and success of Steel Capital is its unique fund raising ability. This results from the unmatched personal service that we provide to our investor base of prime institutions and top tier high net worth individuals all over the world. The members of our investment placement team travel regularly within any region, maintaining close personal contact with clients to update them on the progress of their existing investments and to explore their interest in participating in new investment opportunities.

These active personal relationships ensure we are continually aware of our investors' preferences and can be guided by their wishes. Many of our clients have also chosen to be shareholders of Steel Capital and feel pride and involvement in, and ownership of, our success.  This relationship with clients is one of our unique competitive advantages.

This site provides access to Fund financials and investment profiles. The site is designed for access only by authorized limited partners who are investors in the Funds.


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